Tips to Explore Before You Travel Around the World

Are you planning to travel around the world?
If so, you need to prepare well in advance. Nobody was born as a savvy traveler. But, with on-the-road experience, you can explore your top destinations worldwide.
You’re likely to make lots of mistakes as a beginner. However, it’s through the mistakes you make that you learn.
Your journey of travel is bound to involve foolish behavior, missed buses, culture shocks, and lots more minor errors at the start. But with more travel experience, you learn to do the right things and overcome travel hurdles you may experience.
Even so, you can avoid most mistakes and speed up the process with the right travel tips. As a result, you’ll also save money, get off the beaten path more, sleep better, meet locals, and become a more avid traveler. Here’re a few tips to get you started:

10 Travel Tips You Need to Explore the World Like a Pro


Get yourself a small suitcase or backpack

Buy a small backpack for your travels around the world. With a small suitcase, you’ll have to pack light for your travels. It ensures that you only carry the necessary items and leave out any extra things you may be tempted to pack into the extra space in your travel bag.
When choosing a backpack, opt for one within budget. Make sure it has the right capacity, number of pockets, color, and made from quality materials for long-term use.

Don’t forget to pack a towel

Whether you’re traveling to a beach, an urban site, or some wilderness in East Asia, you’ll find a towel handy. Packing a towel isn’t just common sense, but the key to successful hitchhiking.
Even if you’re just heading out for a picnic at your dream destination, you’ll find a towel useful. Pack a small towel for your travels. Opt for microfiber towels because they’re lightweight, compact, have high absorbency and anti-bacterial properties, and dry quickly.

Pack light

When traveling around the world, you don’t need to change into different clothes every single day. Otherwise, traveling with small luggage would be impossible.
You’re allowed to wear the same top for an entire week. Pack only half the clothes you’ll need. Create a list of your packing essentials and cut it into half.
Your small backpack has room for a few necessities. Learn how to pack light to bring only the important essentials on your travels. As a result, you’ll move quickly and save time without being identified as a tourist.

Pack extra socks

Traveling involves lots of walking. And, you’re likely to develop sweaty feet, blisters, or even more serious issues such as blood clots if you wear the wrong socks.
You’re also likely to lose a pair or two of socks to wear and tear, laundry gremlins, and hiking. So, it only makes sense to pack extra socks on your travels. This ensures that you still have other pairs even if you lose one or two.
Get your hands on at least five pairs; they won’t take up much space in your backpack. What’s more, nothing beats the feeling of a fresh pair of socks on your feet. Opt for hiking or compression socks for your travels. They enhance blood flow to reduce pain and swelling.

Use no-fee bank cards

Find a debit or credit card without charges on ATMs or foreign transactions. You’re bound to make multiple transactions during your travels.
And, the few dollars charged as fees can quickly add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars within a short time. Why give banks your hard-earned money easily when you can use it on something else?

Get an extra credit card or bank card

Things happen. You can lose your cards through robbery, hence the need for backup. The idea of getting stuck somewhere far from your home without funds isn’t funny.
Fraudsters can also duplicate your card, meaning you’d have to get your accounts frozen. With an extra card, you don’t have to get frustrated or borrow money from those in your travel group.


Travel on your own from time to time

Travel on your own whenever you can to learn about yourself. You’ll learn to be independent, fend for yourself, easily tackle unfamiliar scenarios, and talk to people.
You’ll learn about your capabilities, become comfortable with yourself, and develop decision-making skills. If you’ve never traveled on your own, you may experience a few challenges here and there. But, there’s nothing to worry about.
Get out of your cocoon or comfort zone and surprise yourself. Push yourself to new limits and learn valuable skills.

Get lost purposefully without fear

The old wise saying goes like “the key to knowing your way out of a new place is getting lost.”
Wander through the streets of a new town or city aimlessly to find your way out and know it. Get away from other tourists, off the beaten path to gain new experiences.
You’ll find hidden gems as you wander across the streets of your destination. And, you’ll eventually find your way out without using Google Maps.

Make use of maps

If you get lost, don’t freak out. Use a map to find your way out or ask for directions from other tourists or locals. Make sure you always pack a map of your travel destination even if you think you won’t need it. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

Visit the local office of tourism

The local tourism office knows everything about your travel site. It can offer you free advice on upcoming special events, free activities, and anything else that can benefit your stay.
You may even get discount offers on transportation or top local attractions to help you enjoy a great experience. Although many tourists overlook this resource, savvy travelers know it’s valuable.
Use the local office to make the most of your travels and save money.

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