Top Best Airports Around the World

Going to any airport is exciting for one thing, a holiday trip or just a flight away from home is about to happen. Besides the excitement of flying somewhere, most airport experience isn’t fun for most people.
Beyond being on the airplane, the airport should be an attractive and fun place for travelers. Airport authorities must amplify those features that make passengers comfortable while eliminating anything that makes traveling a horrible experience.
Passengers must see things like good customer experience, comfort, leisure, seamless and fast booking, and other features that make being at the airport desirable. In no particular order, we make a list of some of the best airports in the world.

Singapore Changi Airport

The Changi airport is a tourist center of its own. Home to the Jewel Changi, a 40-meter high indoor waterfall, surrounded by tropical plants and over 2,000 trees to capture travelers’ admiration. Each terminal has varied artworks for art lovers.
Consisting of four terminals, the Jewel Changi links terminals 1, 2, and 3, all decorated in artistry, architecture, and display of nature. Terminal 3 houses the Butterfly garden, terminal 2 the Sunflower garden, and terminal 1 the Cactus garden, with over 100 cacti and arid plant species.
Changi airport isn’t all beauty and gardens. There’s fun for everyone, indoor playgrounds at terminals 1 and 3, with the island’s tallest slide in terminal 3. The family zone is in terminal 2 and a gaming option entertainment zone for young adults in terminal 4, housing games like Xbox Kinect games, and vintage arcade machines.
With many eateries and shopping malls like Apple or Zara stores, anyone can find what suits their budget. A cinema in terminals 2 and 3 completes your entertainment experience.

Incheon International Airport

Seoul airport is the largest airport in South Korea and one of the world’s busiest civilian and cargo airports. According to authorities, passenger processing is swift at Seoul-Incheon, with departures and arrivals taking 19 minutes and 12 minutes, respectively.
Accessing the city from the airport is seamless with many transport options. There are regular trains operated by the Korean Train Express (KTX), Airport Express trains (AREX) that reach Seoul city center, and maglev, a 6km train linking the airport to Yongyu station. Buses travel to different destinations from the airport, and taxi and car rental services are available.
Home to the Korean cultural museum, travelers will be engaged admiring thousand-year-old artworks or cultural dance performances.

Hamad International Airport

Doha airport is the leading international airport in Qatar’s capital and has flights going to over 140 destinations globally. The first airport in the Middle East to earn a five-star rating from Skytrax, Doha airport features hi-tech facilities, endless shopping experience, dining, and relaxation opportunities.
The airport acknowledges travelers’ need to charge gadgets like phones, tablets, laptops, or cameras. It’s most attractive feature is available outlets for charging.

Hong Kong International Airport

Located on the island of Chek Lap Kok, the Hong Kong airport is the world’s busiest cargo airport. Constructing this airport cost over $20 billion, and it plays a vital role in the world aviation sector for its cargo flow, with 24 hours of daily operations.
Shopping outlets, restaurants, free and paid internet lounges, wi-fi access, play area for kids, and numerous tv screens are some of the shopping and leisure facilities available at the airport. To make things easy, travelers can check-in for their flights at the Hong Kong airport from the train station at Central.

Munich Airport

With flights to 248 destinations worldwide, Munich airport is the second busiest airport in Germany for passenger traffic, capable of handling over 28 million passengers yearly. There are two passenger terminals and two parallel runways with a combined 4,000-meter length and handling up to 90 aircrafts every hour.
The opening of a new satellite terminal makes it a modern airport with numerous conference facilities, retail areas, restaurants and café, duty-free zones, excellent passenger experience, and even a state of the art medical services clinic.
While you’re waiting at the airport, go surfing on the stationery wave that’s set up and open to the public in the Munich airport center. If you’re on the Christmas holiday, you’ll always find a Christmas market every December.



Excellent passenger experience makes an airport more than just a travel terminal. People will be excited about going to the airport that had the most fun beyond traveling.

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